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Notification is presently an encoded WAP-push message, sent as a binary SMS, via an SMSC. This is a get around method, because the WAP-push functionality is not yet available in Kannel’s open-source WAP-gateway, which OpenMMS intends to implement. The specifications for MMS require a WAP-push for notifying the receiver.

Support for checking whether or not delivery reports are required and sending of these. The classes involved are MM1_m_acknowledge_ind, MM1_m_read_rec_ind and MM1_RelayReport. The reports can either be sent using the same method as in the case of notification, or via a socket connection to a mobile entity implementing a WAP-push.

Support for database connection pooling to save reconnecting each time an MM + meta-data is sent to storage.

Support for the optional headers used in MMS. The first prototype has been designed to include only the mandatory headers (together with the more necessary of the conditional headers). Logo Mobinor, Sponsor of the project Apache Software Foundation TOMCAT @ JAKARTA Mobic, Sponsor of the project Visit MySQL!!